Thursday, August 11, 2005

Childhood Innocence

Ha'aretz is reporting that Tzvika Bar-Hai is telling people to march on Gaza and bring their children with them. Very disturbing. It is one thing for the world to see pictures of children being removed from their homes. That engenders sympathy.
But if they see hundreds of children, holding signs and dressed in orange, protesting and being dragged by soldiers it will backfire. People will see the children as being exploited. No sympathy, rather, outrage.

There is an added dimension of parental irresponsibility. Children are more prone to act out emotionally. How hard will it be for a child, or a group of three or four, to lose their cool, pick up a rock and stone a soldier? Perhaps on a dare, perhaps from the pent up emotions. And what happens if that soldier, cs"v, shoots back? Has Bar-Hai thought about that?

Additionally, both
Bentzi Lieberman and Bar Hai want new elections, "We will cling to the ground until the prime minister faces the people and tells them he will hold new elections." There have been elections, and Sharon won. Do they really think more elections would make a difference? Or is it just a delaying tactic?

It seems with a deadline looming around the corner desperate measures are being taken and rhetoric is rising. I just pray it doesn't explode.