Thursday, October 20, 2005

Toldos Aharon Censorship

Marc Shapiro is wondering what it will take to get his book banned. That's the statement made by a number of bloggers (and, I believe, the Purim Commentator), albeit half jokingly.
In the ensuing discussion, some have suggested that Shapiro just doesn't pose a threat. R. Nosson Kaminetzsky and Nosson Slifkin, having come from within the community, and more importantly, still claiming to be part of the community, are therefore a larger threat. Your average Moshe Chaim may not be interested in Shapiro, but Kaminetzsky and Slifkin...they're my next door neighbors!

Alas, that answer doesn't seem to apply here. I haven't done more research, but it seems that a man "infiltrated" the Toldos Aharon sect, and after years of research, wrote a romance novel. The chasidim are (understandably) upset, though I strongly disagree with how they are pursuing the author (throwing mice into his house seems a bit much). The arguments are the same, corruption of youth, exposing of the community to the public, etc. But what strikes me is that this author is not from within the community. Let him publish, who from Toldos Aharon will actually read it?