Thursday, November 24, 2005

Hezbollah "escalation"

From Ha'aretz:
A Lebanese cabinet minister said yesterday that the bodies of the Hezbollah terrorists killed by the IDF " must be handed over in order to avoid an escalation...It is known that the resistance will try to secure the return of the bodies one way or another, and this usually ends up in negotiations to trade them for the bodies of Israeli soldiers or for prisoners."

In other words, if Israel doesn't hand over the bodies, Hezbollah will try to kidnap civilians and soldiers in order to trade for the bodies. Which is exactly what got their men killed in the first place...

In related news, US ambassador to the UN, the great John Bolton proposed a statement to the Security Counsel, which was later adopted. Having never reprimanded Hezbollah, the Security Counsel expressed concern over Hezbollah's acts of hatred and said "
were initiated by Hezbollah from the Lebanese side, and which quickly spread along the entire Blue Line." This may not seem like much, but let's remember how every suicide bombing, every terrorist attack and every murder is ultimately blamed on the Israelis, for not understanding the plight of their terrorist neighbors. (It is also good to see Bolton is able to work with others, contrary to the thoughts of many in the Senate).