Thursday, November 10, 2005

Those who can't do, go into politics

The NYT is running an interesting article on Johnny Lechner, 29, who has been a college student for 12 years. That's right, he made a career out of school (college and not grad school).

Upset that he's getting so much attention, Robin Kreibich commented:

"The guy's been a student for 12 years, and he's bragging about it?" said State Representative Robin G. Kreibich, chairman of the Assembly's Committee on Colleges and Universities. "I wonder how many kids can't get in because he's staying on so long."

The university denies a single student has been turned down because of Lechner. But let's do the math. 12 years in college translates into an extra 8 years, assuming he needed to spend 4 years there initially. So 8 years, 4 years per student, means 2 students may have been turned down because of Lechner.

Maybe Kreibich should go back to school.