Thursday, April 06, 2006

Another Nail in the I.D. Coffin

I was going through the evolution vs. intellegient design arguments with my brother. He mentioned something startling, which I haven't really seen much in the blogosphere. Yes, there are gaps in the fossil record. But those gaps continually grow smaller and smaller. I.D. has to continually revamp their arguments. Before a gap of 100 million years was significant enough to warrant their theory, and then 90, 80, etc.

When you're dealing with hundreds of millions of years and you have a gap of 1-2 or 10-20 million, does that really matter? Also gaps in the fossil record are a problem for I.D. advocates as well. Why bother with the previous species if every hundred years God "snaps his fingers" and creates new species a la Darwin's Radio).

Well, the gap just got smaller. A lot smaller. (I, II).

What say you now, I.D. advocates?