Thursday, July 13, 2006

The New York Times at it Again

Leave it to the New York Times to selectively print news. In their latest article, they detail the:

-Destruction of Lebanese infrastructure
-The miles of lines that await those who wish to cross the border to Syria,
-The tourists who are stuck due to the Israeli blockade.
-Interview a man who claims his cousin was killed during a bombing.
-The $4b loss Israel will cause Lebanon because of lost tourism

On the Israeli side:
-Government spokesmen, including Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz
-Information on the 120 Katyusha's launched into Israel
-No interview with the family of the woman killed in Nahariya
-No interview with the families of any wounded
-No interview with anyone at all, just publicly released statements.
-No interview or information on tourists watching rockets rain from the sky
-No talk of the billions of dollars Israel stands to lose from rocket attacks across the country

Makes me wonder if Steven Erlander, who contributed to the article from Jerusalem, actually got off his tuchis to do some journalism today. Or if he just used Google news. Hassan Fattah, who wrote from Beirut, definitely did a great job.