Sunday, August 14, 2005

Tomorrow Mourning

The day after Tisha B'av was always a pretty happy day in sleep away camp. Campers and counselors ran to the pool, music blared, and BBQ's were dusted off and lit up. For the last couple of weeks of summer, everything was normal and fun.

But this year is different.

In recent years, Jews were not being removed from their homes against their will. The country, though split by political discussion, was not split by Rabbis differing on whether soldiers should evict their brethren. The government was not beseiged by those protesting the seperation fence on the one hand and the disengagement on the other.

So tomorrow, when you get the urge to listen to music, what will you do? Will you just turn up your speakers or will you stop and realize that, right now, some of our fellow Jews are spending the last night in homes they have built a life in, for some, the only homes they've ever known.