Sunday, November 13, 2005

Drug use in Israeli Yeshivas

Last (academic) year, the Jewish world was taken by storm with the arrest of a number of students spending their year studying. Arrested for drug related crimes, much discussion ensued (in blogs, on jewish mailing lists, in magazines) as to how broad the problem was and what could be done to prevent it.

Of course, after the initial bru-ha-ha, talk died down. People prefer gossip to action. And, of course, after a few weeks, the discussion just wouldn't generate the same number of hits and visits.

But my sources are telling me that at least one of the Yeshivas involved, Ohr Yerushalayim, whose students were involved in the dustup last year, has taken steps to combat drug use. While not accepted in previous years, this year they have become more forceful in enforcing some rules, as well as promulgating new ones, such as:

-No drinking
-No smoking (of any substance)

Kudos to OJ for doing this. But only if they're taking steps within the Yeshiva curriculum as well. Rules are nice, but they need to be backed up with education.

If anyone has more information on this, please let me know.