Thursday, November 24, 2005

Learning & Law School

Last summer I worked for a religious judge. During lulls, it wasn't uncommon to discuss how a case would have come out halachically. Coincidentally, all of the interns had a yeshiva background. Of course, every attorney would ask us interns which law school we went to, and whether we found it difficult. When the judge knew the attorney was religious, he would respond "These guys learned Gemara in yeshiva, and most of them still have chavrusas. For them law school is a piece of cake. R. Chaim is hard, law school isn't."

On that note, I'd like to point you, my readers, to Prima Impressionis, where Nephtuli is having a couple of good conversations:

1) R. Chaim vs. Judge Posner - What's harder, Gemara or law school?
2) Women and In-Depth Learning - Can women learn Gemara on a deep level

The latter is an oft talked about topic, but still a valuable discussion.