Sunday, November 27, 2005

R. Nosson Kamenetsky

R. Nosson Kamenetsky, author of Making of a Godol, gave a shiur motzei shabbos on the closing of the Yeshiva in Volozhin. Included in the talk (its in English);
  • Material not included in Making of a Godol (original and "improved" editions)
  • Comment by R. Moshe Shternbuch relating the ban on MOAG to the works of R' Nosson Slifkin
  • When the next volume of MOAG will appear
  • Relationship between R. Hayyin Berlin and R. Hayyin Soloveitchik
  • Why the Russians wanted to close Volozhin
R. Kamenetsky is a great and entertaining speaker, I highly recommend listening to the shiur. The file, in MP3 and WAV, is about 30mb and can be found at: