Sunday, November 27, 2005

Israeli Government

Nearly 60 years old, Israel is now heading towards their 17th Knesset. Only one Israeli government has actually served out its full four year term. Under current law, the party with the most votes had first rights to create the governmnet, with the party head generally elected Prime Minister. That was changed for two elections so that the PM was elected through direct elections. Israel soon went back to the old system.

Now there's talk of change. Kadima, the new party headed by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, is thinking of reinstituting direct elections for Prime Minister. And get this, Knesset elections would be based on regions of the country, similar to America's House of Representatives. This could have very widely ranging reprecussions. No longer assured of a seat merely being on the party list, MKs would need to move all around the country, vying for seats in regional elections, forced to give back and deliver to those constituencies. What a radical idea.

Hat tip: Ha'aretz