Wednesday, November 02, 2005

ZooShoteh v'zu...

Just came across a "Permission to Deceive," located at

The blog appears to have an admirable goal, presenting the "other side" in the Slifkin Affair. As LamedZayin points out, there are few RW bloggers. While I don't know the author of Permission to Decieve, I wish him luck. But, after a quick persual, my enthusiasm has begun to wane.

The first posts on the blog make fun of Slifkin, calling him an idiot, moron and am haaretz. For someone attempting to have a discussion on an important topic, this is a good way to get traffic but a bad way to have the discussion. All the more so because he appears to be one of the few (if only) bloggers attempting to show the other side.

Not to mention some of the logical fallacies of his arguments. He quote Godol Hador and some of his (very) controversial views, to state that *these* are the views of Slifkin's progeny. The question then becomes whether Observer, the author, will read Ibn Ezra because of what Spinoza did with him, or read the Gemara because of the statements of a few rabbonim in Baba Basra about the writing of Tanach. Somehow I doubt it, which raises questions about POD's credibility. More to follow...

That the URL is zooshoteh makes it all the more ironic.