Thursday, December 01, 2005

Religion, Faith, Miracles, etc

Creationism and miracles have garnered a lot of attention on the J-Blogs in the last year. The Not-Quite-Retired Godol Hador has spent a lot of time on this, discussing the Flood, Creation, various other miracles, Faith, etc. How do we know the miracles happend, proofs for Sinai, you name it, it was discussed.

There is a similar discussion happening now over at The Volokh Conspiracy. The VC is a blog run by Eugene Volokh, a professor at UCLA Law School. Over a dozen others blog there as well. But don't let that get to you. The questions Eugene asks, both of religious and irreligious readers, are quite similar to the ones posted by GH and others. Unlike GH, the VC generally does not allow their comments to turn into tirades, and posts are well thought out and logically argued, lacking some of the more colorful language GH is known for. Name calling is strictly frowned upon.

Before I link to the actual posts, please note that this is not limited to Judaism, but religion (and irreligion) in general. Some of the questions and comments refer to other belief systems. Think twice if its for you before you go.

A sample question:
(4) Faith: Likewise, some people say that they have faith in their religion’s factual assertions, and that the whole point is to take them on faith. Yet I take it that you don’t take on faith most other people’s assertions about supernatural phenomena, whether secular (werewolves) or religious (claims of other religions). You probably even think less of people who are too willing to take on faith claims about extraterrestrials, vampires, reincarnation, and the like. Why do you take on faith the religious claims that you do accept?

The Volokh Conspiracy
"A Question for Our Religious Readers"
"A Question for Our Irreligious Readers"