Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ten Random Things

Yet another meme, this from Sago Boulevard and Nephtuli. can anyone say blam (blog spam)? Here goes:

1) Procrastination is one of my best traits
2) Those who know me call me a computer geek
3) And a law nerd
4) Devil's advocate is a tool regularly employed in my discussions and debates
5) Lately I've been worried that I see elitism as not always a bad thing
6) The Brother laser printer that's sitting on my desk has printed 12,000 pages in 15 months
7) People say that I'm great at explaining things
8) There are three plants, a sword, and two computers in my room
9) Coming up with 10 random things about myself is very hard
10) Not a single sentance on this list I have written has begun with the word "I"

I bequeath this meme to LamedZayin and Ezzie