Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Megillah Meme

CWY tagged me with the megillah meme. So here's what I thought about during no particular order:

1) Why, in Esther 10:2, does it switch from "Paras uMadai" to "Madai uParas?"

2) I wish they only banged at the first and last Haman like the shul I was in last year

3) That sounded like a, he brought a shofar to blow during Haman...that's ingenuity.

4) As DB pointed out, 4:13-14 are just spectacular. Not because Mordechai is unsure (though he may be about Esther's ascension to the throne) but because he's so sure that deliverance will come from somewhere. Even if you know that you'll be saved, you still need to do whatever you can to effectuate it.

5) What shevet was Esther from? We know Mordechai is her uncle, and is from Binyamin, but what about her? (This took on added significant during the purim seudah when someone showed word similarities between Shaul and Esther, implying that Purim was finishing up what Shaul/shevet Binyamin messed up)

6) The Artscroll/Mesorah softcover english/hebrew megillah really makes things seem longer.

7) Did I just miss a word? No, I don't think so. Maybe...ok, just catch up and hope for the best.

I tag ADDeRabbi, Krum, MoC, and Ezzie