Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Professional Responsibility

Professional Responsibility, the class that all law students take. Also known as legal ethics, it discusses the laws which govern how attorneys act, solicit clients, etc.

My professor for that class is decidedly left of center. Indeed, she's made many jokes and comments, at least one or two per class. Today she said "I hope that no one is offended by my political statements."

I couldn't leave well enough alone. After class I walked over and said, a grin on my face, "Don't worry Professor, we're all used to these comments." She was thrilled. Finally! Someone who disagreed with her! We got into a nice ten minute chat about politics and law.

She commented, "I usually don't make these remarks in class, but this administration is just so extreme, and done so many things which are blatantly illegal." I replied "On that we'll have to disagree." She further observed that I might change my mind once we only had a single branch of government left.

Here was the kicker. In response to something I said, she replied "I don't think [Justices] Souter or Ginsburg are leftists. They're centrists. There's no left wing party in this country. There are only Republicans and Republicrats. A real left wing party is in France, where they have communists and socialists."

Ginsburg? Souter? Not leftists? As Nephtuli remarked, that's like saying there's no right wing party because the Republicans are centrists compared to Nazis.

The next class is Wednesday. Fireworks next class? I'll bet yes. Can't wait for her to call on me. Only question is how many people will support me and how many will hiss.