Thursday, April 06, 2006

Boro Park "Excuses"

Orthomom posted a letter by Rabbi Yakov Horowitz, where he castigates those involved in the Boro Park riots. Read it.

Regardless of whose story you believe, the correct answer is not rioting. First, why punish a whole precinct for the acts of one or two officers? Should we throw all Jews in jail because one or two have embezzled money? What's the difference?

Forget the fact that the cops are generally good. Forget the service they provide for us on a daily basis. Forget that they risk and give up their lives to help total strangers.

What should they have done? Simple. Call the Mayor. Call the press. If every news station and paper published a story on how cops "beat up" a 75 year old man you can be sure there will be an investigation. Now the investigation should be of the rioters.

But here's the important question.
Where are the Rabbonim of Boro Park? Where are the letters? Or are they speaking up within the community? Why do we have to hear publicly only from a menahel in Monsey?!

Shtika k'hoda'ah (silence is agreement) - Do your job as community leaders and speak up.