Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Bloody Hands: Before and After

One of the refrains we've often heard during the last few years is that Israel won't negotiate with those who have blood on their hands, not just those directly involved but those who facilitate terrorism also.

A laudable goal, but is it really plausible? Those who care enough to fight for their independance are the only ones that would really be interested in talking. The farmer on the corner, the guy that doesn't care which flag flies, you don't gain anything by talking to him.

On the other hand, once negotiations do begin, once the sides are talking and agree not to fight, a clean break can be made. Which is why it bothers me more that Qassam rocket attacks come from the likes of Majdi Hamad, killed by the IAF on Monday, who a member of the Popular Resistance Committees and also a member of the PA's Preventive Security Service, than if he were just a terrorist. That these people aren't weeded out shows bad faith on the part of the PA.