Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Same Sex Marriage - Tomorrow

Tomorrow, the highest court in New York State, the Court of Appeals, will hear four cases on whether or not the state can bar same sex marriage. According to the NY Sun, there will be a gathering tonight (probably finished already) at B'nai Jeshurun, on Manhattan's Upper West Side, a sort of vigil.

When asked to testify about abortion, many, including the Agudah, have begged off, stating that it isn't their job to push their religious views on others. That's smart for numerous reasons, including that non-Jews and Jews have different laws. Try explaining that, and then decide what non-Jews have to do, and you'll have more than a mess.

Is a vigil really the right thing to do? Will allowing gay marriage really cause more gays? Will it really make it more or less acceptable? People live together all the time, married and not, but do you see one as being less acceptable in the eyes of society? Obviously the best avenue is to convince someone the correctness of your cause, and just as obviously, many don't think that's possible, and seek to impose their views.

But should we? Would you like it if the legislature began passing laws on what constituted a bris milah, when it could be done and how? Or if NYS paskened that we allowed only chasidishe shechita, or forbade it? Its not really the state's decision or their role. Those against gay marriage are wrong because the state shouldn't forbid it. But those in favor are wrong too, since the state shouldn't sanction it. Maybe the state shouldn't be involved.