Friday, July 14, 2006

Thank you Canada, ah, the French

The glorious French President, Jacques Chirac, had this to say earlier today:
One can ask oneself whether there isn't a sort of desire to destroy Lebanon. I find, honestly, like most Europeans, that the reactions are completely disproportionate.
I guess one could also ask if there isn't a sort of desire to destroy Israel. Luckily, we don't ask such questions of Hamas and Hezbollah. Apparently Chirac missed the part where Israel, and the UN, said they want Hezbollah disarmed. I wonder, does France sit on the Security Council? Did they have a hand in passing that resolution calling for Lebanon to disarm Hezbollah? But not all hope is lost, Chirac gave a balanced view. Regarding Hezbollah he said: "These people are totally irresponsible." Thanks for clearing that up.

Canada however, joins the small but growing list of Israel Defenders.
"But Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, speaking on Thursday night, described the campaign of bombing and rocket attacks on power stations, bridges, roads and militant bases as a measured response resting on the right of self-defense"

Hat Tip: Reuters