Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Give Olmert Time

I haven't been blogging much, nor have I been reading blogs. So I can't really comment on what's out there, whether people are happy with the ceasefire or not.

I'll just point out a couple of things:

1) Disarming Hezbollah isn't that important. They'd remain as a political party, in fact if not in name, and if they ever controlled Lebanon they would have control over the army there. What's important is stopping them from attacking Israel, carrying out kidnappings and launching rockets.

2) Every peace/ceasefire carries with it a price. We don't really know if peace with Egypt was worth it, because we don't know how many lives will be lost in the next war (if, God forbid, there is one) or how many were saved because of the peace. Similar idea here.

3) France is sending troops, and the head of UNIFIL has asked for increased authority to deal with Hezbollah.

Olmert may have screwed up, he may not have. But give him some time. Imagine if UNIFIL is transformed, if they do the job that the Israelis would have done if they didn't have hands tied behind their backs. If Olmert succeeds in making Hezbollah an international target, instead of an Israeli one, he'll have done all of Israel a huge service.