Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hashgacha Violates Halacha

David commented:
Are you suggesting that breach of contract isn't a halakhic problem?

In a manner of speaking it isn't.

Read the Vaad's letter. The Vaad states that there have been serious halachic and contractual violations. They're the ones that make the distinction.

Had the contract violation been, in their view, a halachic violation, the last paragraph should read that getting a second hashgacha, in addition to being a violation of its contract, also violated halacha.

Of course, explaining to someone that getting additional hashgachot violates halacha, especially in a world where the more hashgachos, the more titles given to the rav and mashgiach, and the more machmir you are the better, might require a bit more nuance than most people are willing to accept. Not to mention a good poker face.