Thursday, March 06, 2008

Choice of Words

Recieved the following today from a yeshivish relative

"FWD: fwd: Terrorists infiltrated yeshivat merkaz harav and have killed at least 7 yeshiva boys. Please say tehillim and please pass the message around......."

1) Jews, not yeshiva boys. Maybe even Israelis (though that may not be entirely accurate, but it would include Druze, who are also Israelis).

2) We haven't had many attacks like this lately, thank god. But I don't recall a txt message saying "10 killed in disco..." or "10 killed on bus..." Maybe text messages weren't as fashionable then.

No, I don't think there was a conscious intention behind 'yeshiva boys.' Maybe it makes it all the more tragic that young people were targeted. If it had been a kindergarten, saying "7 children were killed" would be fine, so why not yeshiva boys? Nonetheless the words stood out.