Monday, November 13, 2006


By now you're all wondering where I've been. After all, I said I would begin posting, and its been almost a week and a half since my last post. So where have I been? Where are all those posts I promised?

Good question.

Y'see, on Election Day I donated blood. While I usually take my knapsack with me (the blood drive was at school), this time I left it in the waiting area, where I could see it if I did turn around. Which I did, numerous times. Sometime between finishing the blood donation and eating oreos and apple juice, someone walked off with my knapsack.

Inside the knapsack, as you've already guessed, was my laptop. Luckily there was nothing important on the laptop (aside from aforementioned blog posts), though I am somewhat bothered by losing two notebooks and a really old, much loved and worn, fleece sweatshirt. The last is what I'm actually most upset about. I also lost my copy of "The Wisdom of Crowds" - which provided an interesting window into how we view halacha.

So, those blog posts will be back soon. My new laptop arrived today. Like my last, its a Thinkpad.