Monday, August 22, 2005

Spring in the Air

Don't you love when you walk outside and can smell that Spring is approaching? The smell of change.

I smell change.

Late last week, Godol Hador posted a psak halacha from a number of poskim (R. Elyashiv, R. Karelitz, R. Wosner, R. Shteinman, R. Auerbach, R. Kanievsky and R. Lefkowitz) on using computers for movies and video games. Why do I think its a big deal?

They could have just banned computers. That would take care of using them for movies (in lieu of a TV) and video games. But they didn't. Implied in this is that computers can be used for good (just like cellphones) and that its ok to keep them. Being that the vast majority of work on computers involves the Internet (else you could just buy a typewriter), I think we're very close to an implicit, if not explicit, muttaring of the Internet.

Then again, I don't know how often these big psakim have reasons laid out or are so specific, though the Slifkin and other bans lead me to believe that nuance is not always present.