Tuesday, August 16, 2005

"You're not a rabbi, you're a dog"

An anti-semitic remark by someone who hates Jews, right? No, just some youths in Gaza.

R. Shlomo Aviner, in response to tire slashings and window breakings, tried to calm a bunch of youth protestors.

"You can't wage this struggle with two heads; we can't fight among ourselves. There are rabbis in these settlements who decided against puncturing tires, so don't puncture tires. If you won't listen to rabbis, then do you expect the state's leadership to listen to rabbis? Please, let this vehicle pass."
The reply?
"My rabbi told me not to move." I'm sure his rabbi was fast asleep while the "talmid" was involved in this "kiddush" Hashem.

Shockingly, R. Aviner was also called
a dog, after a shoving match with youths on one side and R. Aviner, orange ribbon in hand, on the other. With talmidim like these...

Lamedzayin is right. The first line has been breached. But it hasn't been the only one.