Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Good Riddance - Zoo Shoteh

I've been thinking of debunking the tirade of ZooShoteh ("Permission to Decieve"). He definitely makes for entertaining reading, so we'll see if I do. But, it may not be required. Why? I think the Shoteh has left the building.

In the span of an hour and twenty minutes, from 4:52pm to 6:10pm, the Shoteh managed to author 18 posts, garnering 6 comments, 2 from myself, 1 from LamedZayin and one from Gil Student, who is expecting a phone call on erev yom kippur for mechilah (Gil, don't wait by the phone). That's it. Nothing new, for a day. One would expect that such a...prolific..."writer" would have something to say, at least in response to the comments.

I know I may be jumping the gun, but Shoteh popped up and a day later disapeared. There has been no response to comments posted and no new posts. Hopefully he's truly gone.