Thursday, December 15, 2005

Shut Down Ponevezh?

[EDIT: Please note that the Jerusalem Post has 2 stories in their article. The bochur was not killed, his story is the last couple of paragraphs in the article.]

When fistfights first broke out at Ponevezh, people were shocked. Fights within a yeshiva? Over succession? Who would have thought? The response? Rahter lukewarm. No one knows what actions were taken. Whether the bochurim involved were thrown out. We know they weren't publicly castigated. We know the fights continued, even made it into the papers and some blogs.

Many argued (myself included) that such attacks should be dealt with severely and openly. No second chances. If you push around a rebbe, you get thrown out. If not, if people see that they can get away with things, actions will only get worse.

And they have.

Now a 20 year old boy lies in the hospital, beaten and stabbed.

Yeshiva Orthodoxy is pointing to a Jerusalem Post story where a talmid at Ponevezh was stabbed. Inside the yeshiva. Police say it was related to the turf war going on. Bad enough if it wasn't. After all, if one talmid feels he can stab another, regardless of the circumstances, there's trouble. If it is related to the turf war...there are no words.

Talmidim at Ponevezh deny that the attack was related to the succession battle. While it is definitely possible that another explanation exists, the Post doesn't mention one.

If this is how the talmidim are acting, they should be thrown out.
If this is how the rebbeim are acting, sitting on the sidelines while their colleagues are beaten, while their talmidim are stabbed, they should quit.
If this is how the Yeshiva is acting, it should be split up.

Or shut down.