Monday, December 26, 2005

Taking a Step Outside

Both in blogging and the real world, its important to take a step outside. To slow down and think about things. Some of my more popular posts are those where I wrote a draft, left and came back to reread it. The same with my comments. When I sit down and write hastily, I find later I could have easily worded it better or used a different angle.

Part of this is due to the insane amount of information constantly assaulting us. The push to "go with the flow" and follow the basic mainstream opinion, without thinking, is almost unbearable. Assuming you're lucky enough to realize it.

Just a thought.

Update: In October, the New York Times ran an article "Meet the Life Hackers," discussing how some deal with the vast amounts of information available, and with the constant attempts at contact (email, cell phones, etc). I highly recommend reading the article.