Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sharon - Israeli Mood

Last night we found out that Ariel Sharon had been taken to the hospital. At first it was for chest pains, and the news rapidly deteriorated. A stroke, then a major stroke, cerebral hemorraging, surgery lasting until the morning.

At least one Yeshiva brought their talmidim to the kotel to say tehillim. I heard that R' Aharon Lichtenstein, in a sicha to the non-Israeli students, said he had heard some did not want to say tehillim for Sharon, and that it was a terrible thought (that someone would not want to say tehillim).

Meanwhile, at a local shwarma place in Jerusalem, I asked if there was any news. There wasn't, the standard is that Sharon is in critical condition, the surgery was a success, and the next 24 hours are crucial. But the response from the Israeli behind the counter was interesting. "Bulldozer. You know what is bulldozer? Sharon is bulldozer. He'll bulldoze through this also." From his mouth to God's ears.

Nonetheless, people seemed to be going about their daily routine. Bar mitzvot at the kotel, Birthright trips everywhere (I met a British fellow, non-religious, on Birthright and flying out tonight. We met at the stairs down to the kotel and had a nice shmooze).

And of course, every hour radios are turned up, listening for the latest chadashot.