Thursday, February 02, 2006


Recently I caught up with two friends who went on Birthright in January. Married, but not religious, it was the first time they had gone to Israel. The most impressionable moment? The Western Wall.

So we met. We exchanged pictures (I brought pictures from recent visits), discussed Israeli culture, where they had been, etc etc. Towards the end, I asked the one question I really wanted an answer to.

"So, do you plan on going back to visit?"
"Well, its expensive. But we definitely want to bring our kids there." When they have kids, that is.

Is it worth it? Thousands of dollars spent on these just these two, millions of dollars collectively, so that what? In 20 years they show up again with their kids? They just spent ten days touring, on buses and in motels, unable to speak (for the most part) with locals. Heritage? Yes. But really just a fun trip.

Some may return. Some may even move. But to many others its a free ten day vacation, filled with partying and drinking, while visiting their "heritage".

Worth it?