Wednesday, February 15, 2006

SOY Seforim Sale

Last night I stopped off at the SOY Seforim Sale, where I had the pleasure to meet a couple of bloggers from the J-Blogosphere. There's a new translation (copyright 2006) of Kol Dodi Dofek out. The spine of the book even has the new YU not-a-logo-logo, aka the YU "flame." Not that this is an example, but to paraphrase a fellow blogger, anything with the name of the Rav on it will sell well, no matter how bad the book.

I haven't made my purchases yet, but there did seem to be many interesting books. Making of a Gadol is an obvious choice, if you have $105 to spend. The new JPS mikraot gedolot translation for Shemos is there, as is the Ariel chumash, which translates Onkelos too.

More blogging to come soon. Lot of things happening.