Tuesday, April 25, 2006

McKinney the Fool

Cynthia McKinney, is facing a challenger in her upcoming primary for reelection, an attorney named Hank Johnson. I hope he kicks her butt.

McKinney, if you care to recall, ran into some bad publicity after she assaulted a Capitol Hill police officer. Members of Congress do not need to go through metal detectors upon entering the capitol. Instead, by wearing a pin showing them to be members, they are waved through. McKinney wasn't wearing her pin. The officer didn't recognize her. When he stopped her, he got punched. She's lucky she wasn't shot. Think about it. Terrorist threats and a woman walks around a metal detector and attacks an officer?

After charging racism (McKinney is black, the officer in question was not), she apologized for the escalation on the House floor. She has yet to apologize to the officer, who should be commended for doing his job properly.

From CNN:

Arriving at the Georgia Capitol Monday on the first day of qualifying for the July 18 primary, the outspoken McKinney was all smiles and exuding confidence, telling reporters that "people love me because I tell the truth."

"They know I told the truth about September 11th. They know I told the truth about George Bush's war," she said. "And can you imagine that now, in this election season, we're talking about a nuclear strike on (Iran)?"

Actually, she's more like the National Enquirer. You know, that tabloid on supermarket checkout lines that you look at because you're bored, its a slow news day, and the little old lady in front of you is paying with exact change.

Oh, and the best part? Not realizing her microphone was still on, she called the aide who arranged an interview a "fool." Then she went back and told the producer that "anything that is captured by your audio, that is captured while I'm not seated in this chair, is off the record and is not permissible to be used. Is that understood?" Who's the fool?