Friday, April 07, 2006

Pesach Prep Printing

I'll be at my grandparents for the first days of Pesach. While my grandmother is a fantastic cook, it promises to be a long three days. Luckily, I've remembered to prepare. I've just printed up articles from Alei Etzion, as well as blog posts on subjects that interest me (AddeRabbi and GH for the most part. Haven't gone through all the blogs yet). Current total? About 120 pages, but I'm a fast reader.

A couple of blocks away live my cousins' cousins (perhaps they should be called cousins-in-law?). Of the more yeshivish bent, they don't believe in college (the kids, the parents do believe in it) and last time I stopped by we had a nice large discussion on the merits of various things, secular education, college, science, philosophy. You name it, we discussed it. It was usually me on one side, the older generation nodding, but for the most part quiet, and the kids, trying to pin me to a wall. For over an hour.

A long pesach? Yes. But a fun one I hope.