Monday, May 15, 2006

Racial Groups for (almost) Everyone

A Democratic candidate for AG in Alabama, Larry Darby, is going to speak at a pro-white organization that many view as racist. Darby also denies that the Holocaust happend, saying at most 140,000 Jews died, mostly due to typus. I'm sure Alabama voters won't elect him, from the rest of the article he seems to be one of those candidates that crops up in every election.

He's speaking at a "pro-white" group. So what? Obviously its politically incorrect for whites to get together for racial purposes, moreso than any other group. Latin, Black, Asian, Jew, Muslim, every group can have their association except for whites.

Historically of course there have been problems with white groups. Just look at the KKK. But there are problems with Muslim groups now, and blacks haven't been angels either. I don't know enough about those of Asian descent, but suffice it to say that Japan and China haven't been the most racially tolerant of countries in the not-so-distant past. Nor have all Jewish groups. There is a double standard when it comes to white racial groups.

After all, they don't have to be racist (at least if you use the same definition for the NAACP, Muslim, Jewish and Christian groups, etc). Indeed, thinking that they are automatically racist, that somehow, whites can't have their own racial groups, that they lack the ability to meet with their own without hating others, is the definition of (bad) racism.