Thursday, April 27, 2006


There's a discussion on Orthomom which you should be reading (especially those in the 5 Towns and School District 15).

School teachers are entrusted with the education of our future, our children. They deserve to be paid more.

Police officers are entrusted with the security and safety of everyone, at the risk of their own lives. They deserve to be paid more.

Firefighters rush into burning buildings, at great risk, to save complete strangers. They deserve to be paid more.

Truck drivers bring everything from food to toothpaste across the country. Without them we couldn't function the way we do. They should be paid more.

Sanitation collectors protect our very health. If garbage piled up in the streets, the stink, not to mention health risks, would be insurmountable. They should be paid more.

The above argument can be used, and has, almost everywhere. But I have yet to see someone pin an actual dollar amount that a teacher should get. They only discuss how much of a raise to give, this time. Never is the end amount, the goal, mentioned.

There's a legal idea that is useful here. A duty to all is a duty to none. When everyone is supposed to be paid more, no one is.