Sunday, June 11, 2006

Missing ID - What to do

While out with friends last night, I happend upon an ID. I must say, the new NY State licenses are much nicer than the older, pink ones. Seeing as the address was one near my apartment, I figured I'd stop off today and drop it off. Surely, the person who lost it would be glad to get it back. Mailing it would take a couple of days, and by then the person would doubtless have gotten a new one.

One problem. The address...doesn't exist. Not on Mapquest at least, or on Before everyone says that its a fake ID, it has printed, in bold red letters "UNDER 21". If you're going to make a fake ID, don't you think you'd leave that part out?

Note that its not a driver's license. Like other states, NY allows the DMV to give out IDs. They look like licenses, but have "IDENTIFICATION CARD" printed on top.

So now the question is - what to do. Mail it and hope it gets there? Just shred it on the expectation that the owner will get a new one? Walk to the northern end of the block in question to see if the address actually exists?