Sunday, November 05, 2006

Health Reports & Kashrus Reports

With the whole 5Towns VAAD and Gourmet Glatt scandal going on, I came up with a great idea.

Kashrus reports.

Nowadays, walk into a restaurant, and on the wall is a City/County/State certificate with the most recent inspection date and a message that, if you want, you can ask and see the most recent health report.

Imagine doing the same for kashrus. You walk in and say "I'd like to see the latest kashrus report." The owner gives it to you, or the VAAD does. Cmon, they inspect these places all the time too. What's wrong with a little transparency?

Except of course, both the restaurant and VAAD, both businesses, gain from the secrecy. When it comes to media wars like the Gourmet Glatt story, they can each point the finger, without divulging any evidence.