Monday, August 22, 2005

Closeness Hurts

When the child of religious Jews intermarries, the result is disastrous. Communications are cut off, people ostracized. The impact is much greater with a child than a neighbor, or even a cousin. The same if a child or relative goes off the derech.


The closer the person, the bigger the "slap in the face." That's why the battles between MO and UO are so fierce. We're so close to one another that the differences are magnified. How can you *not* look at the medinah as the beginning of redemption? How can you? How can you not wear a hat, how can you look at secular studies so positively? Without these we agree on everything, but it's that miniscule amount that causes the problems. Its why Conservative and Reform are a bigger threat to Orthodoxy than secularists.

That's why I can't stand the Neturei Karta. That's why, at the Israeli Day Parade, I have to restrain myself from barreling through the police and throttling those poor bast-- miseducated souls. If I was part of a minyan with them I'd probably walk out. If there were only ten people I'd question if there was actually a minyan.
That a Jew who says he is religious vehemently denies what I look at as an open miracle hurts. That they take the steps of the Neturei Karta makes me nauseous.

It is with that in mind that I point you to this article in Ha'aretz, to Yisroel Dovid Weiss, who wants a Palestinian state from the Jordan to the Mediterranean.