Friday, December 02, 2005

R. Shmuel Kamenetzsky

Interestingly, R. Shmuel Kamenetzky seems to have signed onto R. Schechter's letter also. This is big news because R. Shmuel had give R. Slifkin an haskama, and his brother, R. Nosson Kamenetzky said his brother doesn't get scared off by zealots. But the letter is written in singular, on R. Shechter's letterhead, leading some to suspect the signature was cut and pasted. Not that this ever happend before....

But, both R. Perlow & R. Shechter's letters say zero. They are both quiet during the initial ban and then during the yearlong outcry that followed. Only now, after it has died down, do they choose sides, saying nothing of substance.