Thursday, February 16, 2006

Science & Torah - 2nd Edition

As mentioned previously, the new edition of Making of a Godol is available at the YU Seforim Sale. Notably, neither MOAG (2nd edition) nor Anatomy of a Ban have caused much controversy.

Also, as Gil noted, he's working on R. Slifkin's Science and Torah before a new version/reprinting of Mysterious Creatures is done.

So, will the new Science and Torah cause as much controversy? I'll bet not.

Those who came out against Slifkin for political purposes, to protect their status and stature, will be able to point to previous actions, say they tried, and leave it be.
The others, the true believers, those who truly want to burn his books, they've been minimized. Shown to be out of touch. Sure, we'll get a couple of small outcries, it might not even appear on the radar.