Friday, April 07, 2006

HAFTR & Rambam - Quick Summary

Here's a quick summary of the partnership plan. I'll try to get some analysis out before Shabbos, but don't wait for me to start commenting. On the surface it appears a very interesting plan, one accomplished without the creation of too much additional beauracracy. Anyway, for my summary:


-The partnership will be called "Machon HaTorah - The Torah Institute" (MH)

Divisions: MH will start with two divisions, one centered on Rambam and the other on HAFTR. Rambam will be an "advanced yeshiva program for boys," HAFTR will offer "boys and girls a rigorous Limudei Kodesh and college prepeatory program" and a an all girls "advanced yeshiva program" will open up on a third campus in the future.

New Buildings:
-A modern Beit Medrash will be established for both in school and after school learning programs, for students and the community at large.
-A new Sports center will be built somewhere in the area, with close proximity to the various campuses. The facility should be open by the beginning of the 2008-2009 year.

Rosh Yeshiva: Rabbi Friedman
Principal: Rabbi Eliach
HAFTR Administrators: Blumenstein, Levenbrown, Kadosh, Parmett, Oppen will provide leadership at HAFTR (the Yachad Division).
R' Peretz Hochbaum: Formerly Dean of the Yavneh Academy and Principal of HANC (Plainview) will focus on the Rambam division and hold the title of Associate Principal.
R' David Liebtag: Liason between MH and HAFTR's lower/middle school divisions.

Secular Education:
"The Machon will offer a broader array of AP courses, elective courses, extra-curricular activities and clubs than either of the two schools could offer separately."

Torah and Zionism
-The partnership is about raising young men and women who believe and adhere to Torah values, and have a clear sense of their national history and identity. That's why we want our students to understand and appreciate the profound miracle represented by the re-establishment of the State of Israel." -R. Eliach

Advisory Board: There will be an advisory board, separate and distinct from the HAFTR Bd. of Directors which will advice and support "the educational leadership." Rabbis Friedman and Eliach will have control over all educational aspects of the Machon.

At first glance, the girls division, advisory board, and leadership of Rabbis Friedman and Eliach seem like the most important additions. But why ruin my analysis? More to come later. Meanwhile, let's start talking.